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What we do

Through the Educational Savings Assistance Program and the Night Angel Illumination Program, we have worked together with the Ministry of Education, municipal and county governments, and social welfare organizations to develop and invest educational and early-intervention resources where they are most needed. In addition, we have also participated in disaster relief efforts following the Sichuan Earthquake, Typhoon Morakot, and the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

We hope to help children escape the cycle of poverty through education. By promoting our Poverty Relief Project, we enable poor children and families to build their assets and self-confidence. To advocate for the concept of “Early detection, early notification, early intervention”, we have held a large-scale child development screening program in Taiwan’s remote areas and offshore islands. In addition, we have donated over 100 paratransit buses to local governments throughout Taiwan and promoted inter-city operations to ensure the mentally and physically disabled can travel without obstacles.

CTBC Charity Foundation provides tuition and lunch subsidies to ensure that disadvantaged children can live without fear or want. We also open a window on a whole new world for these children through talent training and character and life education. We have invested in research into early-intervention education for the physically and mentally disabled and provided practicable program grants. These include programs for autistic and developmentally-delayed children and those with multiple disabilities, the craniofacial early intervention project, and institutional grants (機構補助) so that children with physical or mental disabilities can receive expert education and medical care suited to their specific conditions. In order to make up for the lack of sufficient early-intervention providers, we also sponsored the construction of the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation Children’s Development Center to provide developmentally-delayed children and high-risk families with important services and assistance.

In 2009, we began the five-year Little Seedlings Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services project at eight children’s homes throughout Taiwan to provide related services to disadvantaged children. In 2011, we contributed funds to the Ministry of the Interior to establish 12 self-reliance dormitories to help adolescents who have aged out of youth homes become independent. In 2012, CTBC Charity Foundation and National Taiwan University jointly established the NTU Children and Family Research Center to leverage the power of academia to gain insight into and actively research policies and assistance strategies that can fundamentally solve the social problems faced by Taiwan’s children and adolescents.